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What are the small “D” rings on the back of the lure bags for?


They are for clipping on to the swivel clips we offer. The use with the clips & “D” rings on the large bag make sliding back and forth and using the bag for retrieval of plugs on the belt a lot easier. Plus, the weight of the bag get transferred to the clip and takes weight of the shoulder and back. Additionally, when you are done fishing, all you have to do is unclip the bag from the belt instead of having to undue to belt to get the bag off if you were using belt loops.

Why are the belt loops on the small belt bag and small pouch designed to come undone all the way around?


We designed them this way so that when you are moving your gear around on the belt you can just remove them and simply re-attach them by wrapping them around the belt where you need them. The hook & loop Velcro will automatically line up on the back and front. Plus, if you are on a kayak or small boat, they can easily be attached to a railing bar or some other secure item. This way they are multi-faceted and can be used in many different ways.

What is the best way to care for my top(s)?


The first thing to do is follow the instructions on the Top Usage Page so that you avoid any unfortunate situation with your cuffs or neck seal being damaged during wearing and removal. Following these instructions can help you in prolonging the life of your top. The second thing is to make sure to follow the Care Instructions found on the Warranty & Care Page. Saltwater is infamous for damaging and destroying just about everything it comes in contact with, washing your gear regularly will help it withstand the affects caused by saltwater exposure.

Are the Aquaskinz Tops machine washable?


The tops should not be machine washed, they should, instead be hand washed in warm water and hung to drip dry. If you feel the need to use a detergent, use a mild detergent. There are many in the market place made for these types of technical garments and are fairly easy to find. One company that specializes in them is called 305 Protectant. Doing a search will provide their full line of items.

Does the breathable, EVO2 ever lose its waterproof capabilities?


No, the waterproofing comes from the inner membrane that blocks the water out from your body. This is the same membrane that allows the top to breath and it will not lose its waterproofing traits. However, to add to the tops waterproofing abilities, you can always treat it with an after market spray on treatment. These treatments will not harm the top. Please see warranty & care for additional information.

If the top gets a puncture or cut on its main body can it be repaired?


Yes, most times it can be. The neoprene tops can be repaired much like neoprene waders. We provide a repair patch with each top and recommend using AquaSeal. For the breathable, EVOII the process is much different and depending on the severity of the cut/puncture, it may not be repairable. It is best to send the top back to Aquaskinz to see if the damage can be fixed.

What can I do if the waterproof tape inside the jacket(s) starts to come undone?


This may happen over time due to body heat, perspiration and saltwater that the tape is subjected to. The best thing to do is to send the top into Aquaskinz so that we may re-seal those area’s that may have gotten affected.

This may happen over time due to body heat, perspiration and saltwater that the tape is subjected to. The best thing to do is to send the top into Aquaskinz so that we may re-seal those area’s that may have gotten affected.

This may happen over time due to body heat, perspiration and saltwater that the tape is subjected to. The best thing to do is to send the top into Aquaskinz so that we may re-seal those area’s that may have gotten affected.

The cuff and neck seals are very tight, are they suppose to be this way?


The seals are sized according to the size of the top. They have to be tight in order to keep the water out. It is not recommended that you cut them to make them “more roomy”. They will, over time, stretch to the dimensions of your wrist or neck and still provide a seal. It is also not recommended to go up in size since the seals will also go up in size and then they may not provide the seal at the entry points that you are seeking.

Why doesn’t Aquaskinz use the Latex gaskets for its cuff and neck seals?


Until recently the rubber used in the Latex gasket’s did not perform well in the saltwater environment. They would get brittle and crack or break apart in a relatively short period of time. The technology has changed for the Latex gasket’s in recent years and we may implement these gasket’s in the near future.

Are the Aquaskinz tops just for surf fishing?


Although we have designed our tops to be the most functional and comfortable for surf fishing, they are absolutely not just for surf fishing. People are using the Aquaskinz tops for kayaking, boating, fly fishing and hunting. We have even heard of people who use the tops while skiing, snow boarding or on their snow mobile. So they can be used for any condition you want to use them in for the most part. Use your imaginations and put them to work for you.

Why doesn’t the Hurricane and EVOII dry tops come with a hood?


The answer to this is there really is no” dry top” made with a hood due to the complexity of the hood being a main component on the body of the top. Most tops that have a hood attached and have neck/cuff seals are considered to be “splash” tops because many times the water may find a way in from the hood entry and that alone makes the top a “splash” top. By using the optional Dry Hood we offer you have a completely dry system and this system also allows you to shed the hood when you do not need it.

What can I use the large pouch for?


This pouch is great for many uses. It is a great organizer for small boats and kayaks. It will hold a lot of things and is very durable. Another use for this pouch is to store your rubber baits, it will hold so many that your bag(s) space will not be sacrificed when you use this pouch. This pouch even handles the large 9” rubber baits with ease. It will also handle up to one dozen eels in individual zip lock bags when you are trekking to a far off spot or fishing rough terrain where getting eels out of the eel bag would be tricky. Also, the use of either pouch, with any of your Aquaskinz lure bag(s) gives you a complete carrying system that is functional, organized and allows you to carry everything you need without limitations.

What is the purpose of the stainless steel “D” Ring belt attachment?


The “D” ring offers many uses. You can attach a stringer rope to it. You can use it to put the butt of your rod in it when you need an extra hand to re-tie. You can slip a hand gaff if needed into it and attach your lanyard to it. Users have even pre-tied leaders and clipped them on to it for easy access.

Why should I use a wading belt?


A wading belt is an essential piece of equipment for surf fisherman. It offers safety should you fall into the water by sealing out the water from entering and filling your waders. It also offers a space on the body to attach many things that are used while fishing, such as bags, pouches, pliers and the like. We have designed a wading belt that also offers lower back support. This support will hug your lumbar area where the most strain takes place from standing and prolong your outings while reducing the strain. Plus, we use a different type of webbing which is firm enough to support your attached gear but not coarse where the belt damages the stitching on most of the items that you might attach to it.

What does the Aquaskinz Warranty cover and for how long?


The Aquaskinz Warranty covers defects in materials as well as improper workmanship. The Warranty is good for twelve months from the time of purchase to the original purchaser. The Warranty does not cover wear and tear issues caused by usage. Please visit the Warranty & Care Page for more info.

Should I register my top for Warranty coverage?


Absolutely. We require the Registration card as well as the original receipt from the original owner to substantiate the Warranty. If the product is not registered and a warranty issues arises, we may request reimbursement for the repairs that might be necessary on the item in question even if you feel it is in the Warranty period.

Are the Bags, Pouches and other Accessories covered under the Warranty?


The short answer is no. What Aquaskinz does however, is evaluate each situation individually and make a decision based on the findings of our evaluation. If we find that the problem happened because of workmanship or poor materials then we will provide a satisfactory conclusion for our customer.

Is the Warranty still applicable if I modify anything on the Gear?


Once any modification(s) take place on any of the Aquaskinz Gear the Warranty is voided.

Where should I address any problems I might have, through Aquaskinz or the Dealer?


You can go through the Dealer were the purchase was made but we would prefer to hear first hand from our customers. It is best to go through Aquaskinz for any situation or questions that might arise. You can reach us through the Contacts Page.

Why do some rubber baits react with the inserts used in the bags?


Due to the varying chemicals that form the rubber baits, some do have a negative reaction. We will never know exactly what those chemicals are since the rubber bait manufacturers do not divulge this information. But we have addressed this by doing extensive testing with many different rubber baits and have come up with a NEW composite for our inserts. We feel we have found the right mixture to avoid the reaction that takes place. We will however still encourage the use of the Aquaskinz carrying system whereby the pouches are utilized for the rubber baits. This system will eliminate any issues and free up space in your bags.

Are the Aquaskinz gloves suppose to be waterproof?


The Aquaskinz gloves are not intended to be waterproof. They work very much like a wet suit were the water that gets trapped inside the glove warms up and keeps the hands warmer than the outside temperature. We use a combination of a neoprene upper and synthetic palm that both block the wind and keep the heat in. They will keep your hands warm even in moderately cold temperature ranges but are not intended for extreme cold use.

Will the Aquaskinz gloves hold up with the use of today’s Super Braid Lines?


The Aquaskinz gloves are the best gloves we have used so far with today’s super braid lines. Our testing has found that they will last longer than anything else in the market where a combination of comfort, dexterity and usability are concerned. They are not indestructible though and a combination of hard use and the effects of the elements can eventually break them down. There is no guarantee that they will not be affected by braided lines over time. It really depends on individual use and care. They should also be rinsed off after each use, especially if used in saltwater.

The Dry Hood I have for my Dry Top is very tight, is it suppose to be like this?


The Dry Hood is meant to be fairly snug to create the seal around the face to eliminate any possible water entry but it is not intended to be constricting. If you find that you are being constricted or “squeezed” or are having difficulty putting the hood on or taking it off, it is probably the wrong size. Try one size larger to find the right fit; it will be snug but will not contort or constrict around your face.