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The Materials, Workmanship & Designs
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At AquaSkinz we take providing you with the best gear very seriously. That is why we search out the best materials, components and workmanship we can put our name to. All the AquaSkinz bags, pouches and accessories are made to this order. All the materials used are high end saltwater grade, tested and proven.

The rip stop material with nylon laminated backing will not absorb water, lose its shape, strength or durability. The components are also of the same caliber from our 316 stainless steel grommets to the industry strength Velcro and high density, strong plastic components. We do not skimp on anything we use, our inserts and trays are custom made 2” squares to fit our bags perfectly; they are rugged yet light in weight, saltwater and UV proof and will outlast any other manufacturers inserts while increasing your storage space over narrower or round tubes.

Our designs are unique and highly functional. We are users and avid fisherman and work closely with industry professionals when we set out with new designs to get broad input and feedback to make them the most functional, comfortable and user friendly. Our manufacturing is top of the line, we work with ISO9001 companies and companies that have excelled and received numerous certifications for International Standards Of Manufacturing by the governing bodies as well as their own peers.

You will find our products are consistent, offer superior quality and unparallel workmanship. As a user, you can rest assured you are buying the best!